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Indian Cricket Jokes- Cricket Jokes, Laughing At The Indian Cricket Team, Humor And Jokes. Exclusive Section For Indian Cricket Player Jokes, Tendulkar To Kambli, And More. In India, Cricket Team Is Worshipped When It Wins, but When It Loses its time to Joke.

Indian Cricket Jokes : Ajit and Viv Richards

Ajit: Maikal, Test Match mein kyaa ho raha hai ?

Maikal: Boss, Vivian Richards chhakke pe chhakke maar raha hai.

Ajit: Saaleh ko sabak sikhana padega. Lunch break mein usse phone milana.

Maikal: Yes Boss.

AJIT: (on phone, to Richards): Veeveeyun Reechards, tumhari Maa hamare kabze mein hai .......


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