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Ajit Jokes : Ajit Jokes - 3

Peter: Boss? aur is pille ka kyaa kare boss?
     Ajeet: Peter! Is saale ko super-conductor me daal do, saala bus mein 
           ticket dete-dete thak jayega.

    Peter: Boss is saale ka kya karen ?
     Ajeet: Ise microprocessor mein daal do...BIT by BIT marega !

      Robert: aur boss..iska kya karen ?
     Ajeet:Ise hamlet poison khilado...sochta rahega, to be or not to be !

    Scene: Ajeet ordering his chela to kill the enemy
     Ajeet: "Raabert, Ise varnish mein daal do, saala mar bhi jaayega aur finish
            bhi aa jaayegi.

       Bob: Boss, mission par kaise jaaoon, mujhe headek ho raha hai.
     Ajeet: Abe head ek ho ya do, kaam to karna hi padegak.!

     Scene: Ajeet ordering his chela to kill the enemy
     Ajeet: "Raabert, Isss Haramzaade ko social security pe daal doo. Saale ko
            Society jeene nahin degea aur security isse marne nahin degea.

     Scene: Raabert and Ajeet are in a boat. The boat suddenly springs a hole
            and water starts coming inside. Raabert is perplexed !
   Raabert: Boss ab kya hoga ??
     Ajeet: Raabert  Ek aur hole bana do , aur ek hole me IN aur doosre me out
            lik do . Ek hole se paani ander aayega aur doosre se bahar chale
            jayega !!


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