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Indian IT Jokes : Learn C after Marriage

Learn  'C'  after marriage
struct Indian_female_professionals
                        double styles;
                        short skirts;
                        long time_to_understand_problems;
                        float mind;
                        void knowledge;
                        char non_co-operative;
      struct married_females
                      double weight;
                      short tempered;
                      long gossip;
                      float hopes;
                      void  word;
                      char unstable;
        struct engaged_females
                       double time_on_phone;
                       short attention_on_work;
                       long boast;
                       float on_cloud_nine;
                       void understanding;
                       char edgy;
           struct newly_married_females
                         double dinner_invitation;
                        short time_at_work;
                        long lunch_break;
                        void bank_balance;
                        char hen_pecked;
            struct Indian_husband_wife_professionals
                      double income;
                      short tempered;
                      long time_no_see_each_other;
                       void love_life;
                      char money-making;
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