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"JallianWala Bagh" Jokes- Collections Of Free Sardar Jokes, Here You Will Find Large Collection Of Sardar Ji Jokes On Worldwide Web. Sardar Jokes Are Very Common In India. They Are The Equivalent Of Blonde Jokes in the United States. The Sardar jokes Listed In This Category Are Not Meant To Disrespect The Sikh Community.

Sardar Jokes : "JallianWala Bagh"

A Punjabi Sardar and a Bengali Babu were talking about their State's patriotic history during the freedom struggle.

The debate heated up and both ended up claiming that their state had the maximum number of freedom fighters.

They finally agreed on a method to find which of the states had more freedom fighters.

Each person would say the name of a freedom fighter from his state and pull one hair out of his opponents head.

Both of them began earnestly. "Bhagat Singh" said the Sardar and pulled one hair from the Bengali.

"Netaji" said the Bengali and did the same.They continued like this for some time, but soon exhausted all known freedom fighters.

The Bengali, however, was very clever. He used Sardar's ignorance and reeled off a lot of imaginary names.

The Punjabi was stuck.

He did not know any more Punjabi freedom fighter's name.

He thought deeply for a moment, jumped on the Bengali's head and pulled all his hair out shouting - "JallianWala Bagh".


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