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Malayalam Jokes : Trivia

Why was the Marxist leader dumbstruck on arrival at US airport ?
Boy, who said Communism is not prevalent in this part of the world,there is Arri-val everywhere.

What processor does a Mallu have in his PC?
A Pendium

What does a Mallu do to run for elections in Hongkong?
Change his name from Thankachan to Than Ka Chan.

What does a Mallu do to run for elections in England?
Change his name from Vaideswaran to Vaides Waran.

What will a mallu reply when asked "Are there any mosquitoes in your house?

Why did the Malayalee crossed the road?

How does a malayalee spell the word 'MOON' ?
Yem wo yettanudherwo yen-uh!

Why do they require 5 people for a Malayalee funeral?
Four to carry the coffin, one to carry the two-in-one.

How does a Malayalee travel in Chembur?

Where did the malayalee study?
In the kollage.

What did the Malayalee do when the plane caught fire?
He JEMBED out of the VINDOW...

Why did he go to Rome?
To hear POPE music..

Why did the Malayalee cross the road?
To join the union on the other side.

What does a Malayalee do when he has to stand for election in Delhi?
He changes his name. Madhavan to M A DHAWAN.

What does a Malayalee do to stand for elections in New York?
He changes his name. Karunakaran to KEVIN CURREN

What would you call a Mallu martial arts expert?
A MalayaLEE

Why does a Malayalee go to a temple?
Zimply to Bray.

How does a baby mallu cry?
"visa visa visa visa . . ."

Why did the Malayalee buy an air ticket?
To go to DUBAIH ..simbly to meet his UNGLE and AUNDY in GELF.

who was Bruce Lee's best friend in Malayasia?
Malaya LEE

How does a malayalee spell Malayalam?

What did the Mallu scientist do on reaching the moon?
He tested the soil if it was fit to plant tapioca.

Why do Mallus wear Mundu?
Because in the Monsoon flood the mundu can be tucked upwards as the water rises.

What happens when a bakery in Kerala is named after a gerrl called Anu?
Its named 'Anus Bakery'.

Why is industrial productivity so low in Kerala?
Because 86% of the shift time is spent on lifting, folding and re-tying the lungi.

What is the tax on Mallu's income called?

What is Malayali management graduate called?
A Yem Bee Yae.
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