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Bihari Jokes- Bhaiya Jokes- Bihari Jokes Comes From Bihar People. It Is Well Known Fact Bihari Peoples Are Known As Intelligent, Laloo Is A Live Example. Bhaiya Jokes Comes From Uttar Pradesh. Both Uttar Pradesh And Bihar Are Known As Brain Of India. This Section Contain Some Bihari And Bhaya Jokes, Humor, And Quotes.

Bihari Jokes : A Bihari Buys Cigarette

A Bihari went to a cigarette shop and asked for one Wills:
Bhai ek Will dena, so the guy selling the cigarettes told him that there is no brand by the name of Will, it is Wills, but the Bihari insisted and said I want one Will, so the person told him unless you say it correctly i.e Wills I won't sell it to you, so the Bihari went mad and said

"Hum ek hi to maang rahen hain pura packet to nahin maang rahen hain".


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