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Bihari Jokes- Bhaiya Jokes- Bihari Jokes Comes From Bihar People. It Is Well Known Fact Bihari Peoples Are Known As Intelligent, Laloo Is A Live Example. Bhaiya Jokes Comes From Uttar Pradesh. Both Uttar Pradesh And Bihar Are Known As Brain Of India. This Section Contain Some Bihari And Bhaya Jokes, Humor, And Quotes.

Bihari Jokes :  The Smart Bihari

There was this Bihari who was travelling with two tickets

When the T.T.E asked for the ticket, this fellow gave both the tickets, and so the T.T.E asked him the reason of buying two tickets.

This fellow answered well what will happen if in case I lose one of them,

so the T.T.E said what if you lose both of them,

so this guy said then why do I have a monthly pass.


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